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    Meet the Makers

    Maker to Mamws miles 

    Before you go ahead and read about some of the wonderful makers we collaborate with I just wanted to bring to your attention the little lorry you'll see on each of our product pages.
    The Mamws lorry informs you how many miles our products have travelled from maker to Mamws HQ. This is a great way of demonstrating our efforts to supply sustainable products to our customers; Hopefully knowing that our wares are produced and manufactured in Britain will encourage you to take those all important positive steps towards reducing the carbon footprint of the goods in your home.

    With this in mind you can rest assured that we are constantly looking to improve our ways so to ensure a sustainable future for all.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via we'd love to hear from you.

    Please see below a small selection of the wonderful individuals and companies that we are fortunate enough to work with...


    Meet the makers


    Libby Ballard Ceramics


    Meet Libby. Libby is the wonderful maker behind all of our ceramics, she's an absolute dream to collaborate with as she actually understands my horrendous sketches that I send over to her of ideas! and never says she cant do anything :) 

    Here's what Libby has to say about her work.

    "I like all my pieces to be comforting to use, so that they add to your whole dining experience each time you use them. I believe it is so important to enjoy food and what you are eating and why shouldn’t this go right through to what you eat and drink from? Even if it is just you that you are treating!

    My designs are made by a combination of walks, photographs, sketches and then getting on the wheel and experimenting with new shapes with the images and ideas in front of me. This range is inspired by my upbringing on the Isle of Wight and my love for the coastline. I love the labour intensive process of the making of my work. It starts with wedging the clay, blending my different clays together and then weighing out balls of clay to throw with. Each piece is then individually thrown on the wheel and left over night to harden. The next day I will trim the bases and add handles then allow the pieces to dry slowly over the next few days. They then go into first firing up to 1010 degrees, this takes 48 hours to heat up and cool down. Each piece is then sanded and my glazes are applied. I mix the glazes from my many tried and tested recipes, which are developing all the time. The glaze must then be wiped of the bases and tidied up. They can then go in for second firing up to a higher temperature of 1260 degrees another 48 hour cycle. Once cooled the kiln then be unpacked and pots off to their new homes!"

    You can check out Libby's website & Instagram page via the links below.




    Griffin & Sinclair Furniture

    When it comes to furniture making there's nothing that the amazing family run business of Griffin & Sinclair do not know. Their business is as old as I am and that's old! 

    There was no doubt as soon as I discovered these guys that we couldn't stock their quality handmade furniture.

    Here's what they have to say about their journey and a few interesting facts are thrown in for good measure, I mean who doesn't love a pet sheep, or two!

    Griffin and Sinclair furniture: Making handmade bespoke furniture in the UK since 1974. Our small family business has been running for over 40 years and has won many prestigious awards for excellence in the craft of furniture making.

    As well as commission pieces, we have designed a range of small batch products that are clever and unique; from converting tables to an adaptable shelving system. All of our products are made with the user in mind and finished to the highest quality.

    Each piece is handmade in our Nottinghamshire workshop by skilled craftsmen. We strive to make good quality, timeless furniture that will last for many years. We aim to stay sustainable by buying our wood from a local timber yard that source from PEFC certified forests. We also have a solar kiln onsite and keep wastage down to a minimum. What wood we do have spare, we use to heat our house! 

    • We are a small family business working in our workshop in Nottinghamshire for over 40 years
    • Lee was named the leading bespoke furniture maker in the country' by The Independent newspaper in 2005
    • Roz makes as much furniture as the men do in the workshop
    • We have two pet sheep onsite
    • We use traditional techniques and most of our machines are older than we are!

    To see more of Griffin & Sinclair's work check out their social media posts



    Karen Wyn Roberts

    Karen is my girl Friday when it comes to fabric design. 
    When we first met I felt like I'd know Karen all my life! She's an immensely talented artist, an inspiring teacher and with a background in surface pattern design she's the designer behind our Mamws fabric.
    I asked her for a few words about how she got to where she is and this what she had to say - It makes for a very interesting and inspiring read.
    "Having studied textiles in Cardiff I moved on to Taunton in Somerset to finish my degree. My ambition was to work in london so off I headed and worked as a freelance surface pattern designer. I specialised in floral designs, selling my designs to America, Hong Kong and England. My biggest achievement was selling my designs to Gap, Valentino and Victoria Secret. I now teach art in Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen in Caernarfon. As my three children are now young adults I find myself with time to be creative again. I have exhibited my work in oriel môn and the Galeri in Betws y Coed and of course designing for Mamws" 


    Ffion Gwyn - Artist

    Ffion Gwyn is a local artist from our hometown of Criccieth, she is heavily inspired by nature and beautifully incorporates the Welsh language into her stunning work. Ffion & I attended our first every trade fair together and I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather of shared the experience with, we had a brilliant 3 days showcasing our businesses to our local community. We are proud to announce that Ffion was featured in a recent episode of Countryfile too!

    Ffion Gwyn is an artist based in North Wales. Her illustrative ink paintings inspired by nature;  "Series Wales - Cyfres Cymru", are an insightful and inspiring document of her journey of discovery through art. 

    Her influences include Victorian botanical illustration and early depictions of wildlife in watercolour. Her love of language is also an integral part of her work, with species categorised using Welsh, and Bilingual terms. Etymology plays a fascinating part in her journey of discovery, resulting in interesting discoveries in the origins of these used terms. In addition, she enjoys researching the remarkable folklore connected to the species studied, and regional differences in Welsh terminology.  She uses her passion for nature and art to document, research, appreciate, and marvel at the smaller things, that are often taken for granted, and are quickly passed by. The inspiration stems from the urge to re-kindle that childlike sense of inquisitiveness ... the questioning and reasoning behind natures gems; the what, where, how and when.

    5 Facts about Ffion's business:

    •  I use art as a form of mindfulness; it helps feed my soul. I document through photography and sketchbook drawings, this process allows me to engage, focus and delve into a space where nothing else matters. Creativity helps reduce the flow of incoming information to a trickle.
    • I work as a full time teacher, in art and design, entrepreneurship, global citizenship and community participation. The skills taught to others have been beneficial in my own journey of discovery in growing my business and support creative projects in my community.
    • I have a first class honours degree in Ceramics, where I specialised in large scale figurative sculptural pieces. I also studied as a garden designer, and incorporated my love of landscape and garden design with sculptural pieces in a series of commissions. Recent events have steered me back towards this passion, and I aim to create a ceramic ware collection based on my illustrations in the near future.
    • Showing my work on BBC Countryfile, gave me the courage to move forward and build on my collection, and provided me with opportunities to collaborate further with authors and editors as an illustrator.
    • I launched my website in March 2019, and enjoy the platform it provides as a way of sharing some interesting insights of inspiration in my own blog. It has also given me the opportunity to share my passion for bilingualism. I believe by creating illustrative drawings that include specialist terminology, it will help others engage in language.

     You can follow Ffion's Journey via her website and social media platforms.





    Welsh Organic Tannery

    Who doesn't love a beautiful sheep skins rug beneath their feet, especially when its been produced in Wales in a certified Organic Tannery. Well that's exactly where our rugs originate from, please take the time to read about the process on the tannery's website it's incredible the amount of effort & expertise that goes into the production process. Dependant on the age, sex & breed of the animal from start to finish the process can take up to 3 months. Who'd of thought hey! 


    We had the pleasure of visiting the farm when they first started the Tannery business and saw first hand the passion they had for what they were doing.

    They're Instagram account is one to follow as they post the cutest photos of their resident goats.





    Husband and wife team Tom & Myfanwy had a dream, they wanted to add colour and pattern to our sleeping environment, and so they have, with beautiful traditional Welsh patterns. Just imagine flinging back a crisp white duvet to reveal a stunning fitted sheet, soft to touch, organic in nature and oozing style.

    And their philosophy was simple as you can read below.


    Hunant Philosophy

    • A third of our lives is spent in our beds sleeping – so make sure you are using ‘damn good’ Hunant sheets!

    • Premium quality, 100% organic 200 thread count percale cotton - traditional Welsh design fitted coloured sheets

    • Great looking bed sheets with minimal impact on our planet (Oeko-tex & GOTS certified)

    • We just do one thing brilliantly – coloured Welsh pattern sheets!

    • Throw back the white duvet and enjoy the vibrancy and colour of high quality Hunant sheets